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In business today practically EVERYONE uses Microsoft Excel but often we are too busy to learn new skills, tools or techniques that can save us hours of wasted time, stress and frustration.

Donna's 10 Microsoft Excel Tips in 10 Days challenge is designed for the busy professional who wants to learn some quick tips to help immediately improve productivity with Microsoft Excel.  

Tips are released each day to enable you to embed what you learn into your everyday habits.

Once you  finish the 10 Microsoft Excel Tips Challenge embed the tips as part of your Microsoft Excel business "toolkit".

Productivity Expert Donna Hanson

For the past 20 years, Donna has helped thousands of organisations around the world save time, money, stress and frustration with Microsoft Office products. She is passionate about helping people get things done so they can get back to enjoying life.

Course curriculum

    1. It's time to get productive with Microsoft Excel!

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    3. Day 1 Tip

    4. Day 2 Tip

    5. Day 3 Tip

    6. Day 4 Tip

    7. Day 5 Tip

    8. Day 6 Tip

    9. Day 7 Tip

    10. Day 8 Tip

    11. Day 9 Tip

    12. Day 10 Tip

    13. What to do next?

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