Course Overview

Presenting client pitches, education sessions for customers or team updates is part everyday activities in the business world.

To be successful in today's presentations you need to have 2 things:

  1. Presentation Skills
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint Skills

So many people attend full day presentation skills training, then a full day of PowerPoint training when all they need is some gap filling to immediately improve presentation outcomes.

In this course we cover a range of topics from determining your desired outcome and the principles of adult learning, to slide decks and ideas for consistent presentations.

Course pricing is per person.

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Course curriculum

    1. What you need to know and do before you start this course

    2. Download this reference booklet before you start

    1. Before you start the What to Put in Your Presentation segment, watch this video

    2. Adult Learning Styles

    3. How to Build your Presentation

    1. Before you start the How to Put Your Presentation Together in PowerPoint segment, watch this video

    2. How to Quickly Create Your Microsoft Power Point Presentation from an Outline

    3. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Design Ideas

    4. How to Make Your Presentation Consistent

    5. How to Automate Your Presentations

    6. How to Create Slides

    1. Before you start the Preparing to Deliver your Presentation segment, watch this video

    2. Preparing to Present Your PowerPoint Presentation

    1. Before you start the additional Microsoft PowerPoint Individual Topics Segment watch this video

    2. Hiding Slides in A PowerPoint Presentation

    3. Duplicating Slides in a PowerPoint Presentation

    4. Slide Masters in PowerPoint

    5. Inserting Pictures in a PowerPoint Presentation

    6. Inserting Audio in a PowerPoint Presentation

    7. Inserting Video in a PowerPoint Presentation

    8. Inserting Hyperlinks in a PowerPoint Presentation

    9. Slide Transitions in a PowerPoint Presentation

    10. Animations in a PowerPoint Presentation

    11. Animating Graphs in a PowerPoint Presentation

    1. Watch this important video BEFORE you start the logistics segment!

    2. Logistics

    3. Virtual Presentation Checklist - Sample

    4. Virtual Presentation Checklist - Blank

    5. Microsoft PowerPoint - Keyboard Shortcuts Sheet

About this course

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  • 30 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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