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Course Description

This short virtual presentation is designed to provide a quick skill injection to assist in increasing productivity with Microsoft Outlook. 

Designed for users of all levels,  it covers topics including:

  • Tips to make managing emails easier
  • How to get people to respond to your emails
  • Strategies to make getting responses to emails easier and faster
  • How to organize your email folders quickly and easily
  • How you really can save an email outside of Microsoft Excel
  • How to get Microsoft Outlook to do your filing for you!
  • Tips for  automating common tasks in Microsoft Outlook
  • Strategies to help remove the stress of email overwhelm and get your life back into balance.
  • Heaps of other little tips and tricks in Outlook designed to make YOUR everyday life easier.

Access is for individual use - for multiple licenses, contact our office enquiries@primesolutions.net.au.

Course curriculum

Includes webinar and downloadable workbook.

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    • Productivity & Automation with Microsoft Outlook - Virtual Presentation

    • Productivity & Automation in Microsoft Outlook Reference Booklet

    • What's Next?

Productivity Expert

Donna Hanson

For the past 20 years, Donna has helped thousands of organisations around the world save time, money, stress and frustration with Microsoft Office products. She is passionate about helping people get things done so they can get back to enjoying life.